Are you one of the many adults who want to get dental implants in Salinas, CA, but simply don’t have the bone density to support the implant posts? You’ll definitely want to hear more about sinus lifts, which provide amazing advantages even to those who have suffered from severe bone loss.

How Bone Loss Happens

Let’s start by looking at bone loss itself. When you lose a natural tooth, your body immediately undergoes a process of reabsorption. This causes the bone that would have surrounded the tooth to start to dissipate back into the body, causing a “shrunken” appearance along the gum line. As the density of bone matter decreases, so does its ability to support dental implant posts.

Sinus Lifts Can Remedy Bone Loss

For candidates of dental implants in Salinas, CA with significant bone loss in their upper molars, a sinus lift can provide an amazing solution to their problem. A sinus lift, sometimes called a sinus augmentation, essentially adds bone matter to the upper jaw, right under the area of the sinuses. The bone can come from you or a donor.

After the sinus lift procedure, your body will be given time to properly heal. This can take a few months, so be patient! The most important aspect of a sinus lift is to wait until the bone matter has been assimilated. At that point, dental implants can be added to the premolar and molar areas without fear of limited bone structure.

Advantages to Sinus Lifts

Excited about the possibility to get a sinus lift and finally get dental implants? You’ll appreciate all the benefits they provide:

·         You can regain the ability to confidently eat and speak You’ll feel great about your smile

·         You won’t have to worry about continued bone loss in your upper jaw

·         You can have the sinus lift procedure in your oral surgeon’s office, rather than having to go to a hospital or clinic

It’s time to talk to your dental provider about this safe surgical technique that can give you the opportunity to finally get dental implants. Call Dr. Herrera today for a consultation.