Summer is approaching, and one thing you may not have considered is using the season to have your child's back molars (wisdom teeth) extracted. Scheduling oral surgery in the summer allows your child to complete treatment and fully recover without missing school or extracurricular activities. Wisdom tooth extraction is often the right solution for many people, and in most cases, this procedure can be completed even before the teeth begin to erupt in the late teen years. Dr. Andres Herrera is an oral surgeon with years of experience extracting wisdom teeth safely and comfortably.


Why You Should Consider Tooth Extraction


Many people reach adulthood with their back molars still intact and this can lead to irritation and discomfort, as the mouth is often not big enough to accommodate these back teeth comfortably. These teeth can cause pain and infection of the gum tissue when they erupt or can become impacted within the gums, leading to pressure on the other teeth, misalignment of the teeth and jaw, and head and neck pain. Removing the wisdom teeth can prevent these complications and help ensure proper alignment and functionality of the remaining teeth.


Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Removal


Dr. Herrera can complete an oral examination of your child and use x-rays to determine the teeth's location, direction, and potential for eruption or impaction. Early evaluation and treatment can provide many benefits, including:


●        Reduced risk of wisdom teeth significantly affecting other teeth

●        Prevention of gum inflammation and infection

●        Less chance of orthodontic problems later in life

●        Potential for surgical operation with minimal pain and quick recovery


Schedule a Consultation


If your child is a teenager, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with a dentist to discuss possible extraction of the wisdom teeth. Dr. Herrera and his staff are committed to developing a customized treatment plan for each patient. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and help your child begin a lifetime of good oral health.