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The Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma for Oral Surgery

What is Platelet Rich Plasma and how can it help with your next oral surgery, like getting dental implants? Find out more here.

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4 Accessible Options for Treating Your Sleep Apnea Symptoms

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Surgery isn't the only way to treat sleep apnea. Keep reading learn some tips that could help you get the rest you deserve!

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Cleft Lip is an All Too Common, Yet Treatable Condition

Cleft palate is a surprisingly common condition, but one than can be corrected. Look here to learn about this corrective procedure.

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A Sinus Lift Can Lift Spirits and Improve Confidence

Are you struggling with bone loss or preparing to replace missing teeth with dental implants? Check out our blog to discover how a sinus lift can not only enhance the beauty of your smile, but your life as well.

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Could a Medical Condition Be Robbing You of a Good Night’s Sleep?

Are you having trouble getting a full night's rest? It may be sleep apnea - learn more about this medical condition in our blog.

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Why Summer Is the Perfect Time to Have Your Child's Wisdom Teeth Extracted

With plenty of time for recovery and no school to miss, Summer is a great time to get your child's wisdom teeth taken care of!

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What You Need to Know About Dentures, Bridgework, and Bone Loss

Missing teeth? Dental implants can help. Learn more about this modern tooth replacement solution as an alternative to dentures.

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Four Things to Know About Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea isn't just annoying snoring through the night. Learn the different ways sleep apnea can affect your overall health by clicking the link above.

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National Nutrition Month: The Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Are your teeth getting the food they need? The same foods that are good for your body may also be good for your oral health. Learn what foods to avoid, and which ones you should replace them with!

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Your Guide to All-on-4® Implant Supported Dentures

Is it time to replace missing teeth, or those dentures? Learn about stable, long-lasting All-on-4 dental implants as a modern alternative!

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